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Concrete Pumps

Why You Need Concrete Pumps

Before the 20th century, large construction projects consumed a lot of time and labor because there were no machines for transferring liquid concrete by pumping. The concrete used in construction sites required a cement mixer and formwork.

The concrete was mixed on the job sites and carried by the mixer to the formwork in either bucket lifted by cranes or in wheelbarrows pushed by manual labor. This manner with which large construction projects were carried out slowed processes down until in 1927 when engineers worked on the idea of pumping concrete on the job sites through pipes.

While working on large construction projects like mines and tunnels, the construction company needs to buy a concrete pump to have a quality and timely output. Concrete pumps have totally taken over from other ways of transferring liquid concrete. It puts any company that uses it in a good level of sophistication.

The following reasons should make you buy a concrete pump.

1. The fast flow of liquid concrete:

As quickly as a truck mixer pours liquid concrete into a concrete pump, it pumps the concrete into the need places on the site. In most situations, two different mixers can pour into a concrete pump simultaneously.

2. Conservation of working hours:

A concrete pump offers a continuous flow of liquid concrete which implies less waste of working hours. If the concrete were to be poured in with manual labor, people would have to wait for the next batch while the skip is still moving or while it is being filled at the bottom. Whereas when the skip is at the top or in motion, the people at the bottom will just have to wait for it to come back down. A cumulative of these waiting times show a lot of available working hours that cause major leakage in operations management.

3. A reduction in labor costs:

To buy a concrete pump means to buy your company out of too much spending on laborers. Using a skip, the load is dumped, and many people are needed to move the concrete to the point where it is necessary. But with a concrete pump, the concrete can be placed exactly where the engineers need it to be. Just very few people are required to aid the distribution of the concrete. More money is saved even as the work progresses even quicker.

4. A Larger volume of concrete set per hour:

Even to the very top of today's tallest high rising buildings, a concrete pump can pump over 50m-cube per hour, and we can't possibly place the output of a crane on the same level with the concrete pump. This is because a crane lifts just 12m-cube per hour.

5. Speedy set-up time:

Within one hour, a mobile pump can arrive the job site, put out its boom and outriggers and pump concrete many floors up. Within a day it can repeat such jobs a couple more times.

Buy a concrete pump and save yourself the stress of being on a job site for a relatively long time. Purchase a concrete pump to save time, money and to have better quality jobs.

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