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Article provided by: Star R Foam

EPS foam, also known as expanded polystyrene, is an extremely versatile material that has endless uses. Expanded polystyrene insulation is a lightweight, rigid, closed cell insulation, and is available in several compressive strengths to withstand load and back-fill forces. This closed-cell structure provides minimal water absorption and low vapor permanence. It is also highly resistant to heat flow, which makes it very energy efficient. As a cost efficient, high performing alternative to extruded foam, EPS is the perfect choice for many insulation and construction applications, such as roofs, attics and crawl spaces. At Star R Foam, we manufacture all types of our EPS blocks in our own plants, saving time and money.
Star R Foam is considered the number one rated business that produces our exclusive EPS foam, that is 100% manufactured within one of our three plants. We offer products that have a wide range of density levels, ranging from 0.70 to 3 lbs per cubic foot. All of our products are 100% recyclable, reducing the amount of our materials that may end up in landfills. When you place your order through us, you can be sure that you can expect delivery within 24 to 48 hours, as we have a fleet of trucks available to ensure timely and dependable delivery to you.
For maximum energy efficiency, EPS rigid foam insulation can be specified to achieve the desired thermal resistance and can significantly reduce air leakage that may occur in roof, wall and below grade assemblies. EPS Insulation is composed of organic elements, such as oxygen hydrogen and carbon, and does not contain chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) or hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs). Because we produce this insulation with our own manufacturing plants, this greatly reduces the impact of transportation needs, which allows many to meet green building goals, placing less of a burden on our environment.
EPS is an ideal choice for green building designs, offering tangible environmental advantages with energy efficiency, recycled content, mold resistance and indoor environmental quality. During installation, some EPS applications have shown to consistently reduce job site waste and labor costs. And, once installed, the environmental benefits continue, with superior insulating properties that result in substantial savings. Beyond the environmental benefits of the installed product, the energy requirements needed to manufacture EPS can be more positive than some alternative materials. Most significantly, whether used as a stand alone element or part of a highly engineered building system, EPS insulating capabilities contribute to increased energy efficiency.

If you would like some additional information on the benefits and advantages the can be had when you use EPS foam, Star R Foam would like to invite you to visit our web site at starrfoam.com, and learn more about all of the fine products that we produce. On our home page, you can leave your contact information, along with any special requests that you may have regarding any of our high quality products. You can also simply call us at 800.722.6218 to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service reps.

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