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Article provided by: NATURE OF MARBLE
travertine slab Lake Worth

Are you searching for quality natural travertine slab in Lake Worth options to make your countertop? Trust Nature of Marble, a leading natural stone supplier in Florida. We import the rarest collection of natural stones from remote quarries worldwide. Browse our virtual showroom samples now!

Expert manufacturer for travertine slabs

A Florida Design, luxe, NKBA, Houzz, and ASID magazine-featured brand, we pride ourselves as an industry leader. Houzz magazine rated us the best service of 2019. With our travertine stones, you can make gorgeous slabs for your countertops. No matter how rare the color of your commercial or residential application is, we can find the perfect travertine stone blend to match it.

We’ll ensure you have a beautiful arrangement with our travertine slabs. Your countertop will have the smooth, pristine finish you set out to achieve. Going with our travertine stone slabs, you can expect optimal performance benefits because we only source genuine materials.

Are travertine slabs expensive?

Yes, compared to tiles, slabs are costlier because of the finish and performance benefits. Exotic types like ours that are in perfect form retain the natural environmental benefits that we want to transfer to you. Using our travertine-based stone slabs for your countertops rest assured it will be:

  • Bacteria-resistant
  • Dust-resistant
  • Durable
  • Unique
  • Eco-friendly

How durable is travertine stone?

Although this stone is a lesser valued material than marble and granite, its intricate composition makes it a sought-after option. At first glance, you could easily mistake it for either. Despite its sophisticated appeal and beauty, genuine travertine stones have heavy material that can stand the test of time, as seen with the iconic, majestic Colosseum.

Characterized by an intricate system of holes and cavities, travertine stone is a limestone variant. Sourcing it from different sites across continents, we offer a variety. Whether you want earthy brown, ivory, beige, walnut, cream, coral, silver, gold, or another shade, we have exotic types you’ll love. With our help, your countertops with travertine slab in Lake Worth will look smart and elegant. It is:

  • Moisture-resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Chip-resistant
  • crack-resistant

Increase real estate value

Expensive stonework like travertine slab countertops increases real estate value. We find that many of our clients prefer this type of stone for its robustness and eco-friendly benefits. Although cleaning might be somewhat tedious, this stone doesn’t require acidic and abrasive chemicals to detail the surface.

Acidic or abrasive ingredients can degrade the natural structural makeup of travertine, which is often permanent. For the best cleaning results, we suggest using a gentle solution specially developed for natural travertine stone.

Our exploration team travels to the best quarries to inspect and handpick our exotic stones. Maintaining the integrity of our natural stones is a job we take seriously. We dedicate time and research to finding the most diligent, precise stone cutters and finishers worldwide. Do you have questions about our travertine slab in Lake Worth stonework or our various products? Call Nature of Marble at (561) 272 - 0203. You can browse our virtual showroom online to see samples of stones. If you need personalized services, request an appointment with one of our consultants online.

travertine slab Lake Worth