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Wood Ceiling Panels

Is your home dull and seemingly lifeless? Do you wish to add some spark and warmth to your home to give it that elegant and classy yet cozy look and feel? Do you want the best quality of wood interior designs that don’t empty your pockets? Then look no further because you have the best solution to all these questions with Classic Coffers. Classic Coffers is reputed for its high-quality wood ceilings, wood ceiling panels, and wood interior designs and products. These products have been known to stand the test of time and has made Classic Coffers rank tops in quality and service delivery ratings.

When it comes to wood ceiling panels, Classic Coffers is known to produce the very best. We have an entourage of wood ceiling panel options that you can choose from depending on your choice.

Our wood ceiling options include the following:

Fabric Panels: we have a vast array of fabric wood ceiling panels that can be integrated into our wood ceiling system. These designs are beautifully crafted and unique and are sure to bring a touch of elegance to your wood ceilings.

Metal Panels: our metal panels are also very beautifully crafted and patterned and can be offered along with our ceiling system.

Laser Cut Panels: our innovative and customized laser cut panels are sure to turn your home into a mini paradise and give it a unique feel.

With our wood ceiling panels, you are well on your way to elevating your home to another level entirely and thrill your visitors. Whether you need it for your residential homes or commercial offices, Classic Coffers always gives you the best products and helps you make your rooms an elegant and beautiful sight to behold.

No matter the size or shape of your room, our wood ceilings are sure to fit and still sparkle. We also offer standard flexible designs such as our oak species which comes in Cordovan, Autumn or Natural Colors. These custom colors and wood species are designed to match any decor that you choose. With Classic Coffers, you possess a beautiful, classy and handcrafted ceiling, as well as having a cost-effective alternative to custom millwork. You can also have access to utilities and wiring in the ceiling, and prevent job-site mess with our pre-finished components that are easy to install. You can also install our wood ceilings and wood ceiling panel systems with ease as you require no special tools. We care about you and have through our innovations catered for your needs while ensuring that you always have the best at all times.

Whatever option of wood ceiling you wish for, we provide you with the adequate wood ceiling panels and products that you require. Our products are durable and will last while retaining its shine. We are very environmentally conscious and suspended ceiling spaces use less energy and save you cost. We also manufacture our products from recycled products, and our products can be easily re-used and relocated, and will always retain the same high quality at all times.

If you are thinking wood ceiling systems and wood ceiling panels, you now know who to turn to for the very best. We look forward to hearing from you. Call us today and get a free quote. We are here for you.

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