Classic Coffers Suspended Wood Ceiling System & Designs

Design Flexibility

Standard product is an oak species
available in three colors.


Custom Colors, wood species and designs available to match any decor.

  • The BEAUTY of a classic, handcrafted ceiling.
  • A COST EFFECTIVE alternative to custom millwork.
  • ACCESS to utilities and wiring in the ceiling.
  • PRE-FINISHED COMPONENTS, that eliminate job site mess.
  • QUICK INSTALLATION withouts the use of special tools.
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Wood Species



Exotic species available upon special order request.

Panel Options

Fabric Panels

Here are just a few of the Fabrics that we can integrate into our system.
For a full array of the fabrics we can offer please visit D.L. Couch.

Metal Panels

Here are just a few examples of the decorative metal insert panels that we can offer with our ceiling system.
Find a wide array of decorative metal panels at Gage Corp.

Laser Cut Panels