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Standard Classic Coffers Ceiling Section

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Classic Coffers Ceiling is designed to provide a variety of sound attenuation (noise control) and sound absorption (sound quality) properties. Through the use of micro-perforations in the wood coffer or custom fitted acoustic fabric panels, a full range of sound absorption properties can be achieved. Classic Coffers Ceilings have been laboratory tested in accordance to ASTM C423 & E795 under a variety of assembly conditions.

Fire Rating

Classic Coffers Wood Coffer Ceiling System can also be coated to provide a Class A fire rating. Our system has been tested per ASTM E84-03a standard.


Our system attaches to a standard 15/16″ Metal Tee grid system, and meets all required seismic specifications and standards. For more detail please see the grid manufacturers specifications.

Green Info

Our product provides opportunities to achieve multiple LEED points, with the use of FSC certified lumber and Pre-Consumer Recycled materials. Our standard panels can also be offered as Urea Formaldehyde Free panels to even further the eco-friendliness of our product.