Unique Clip Design

Step 1

Our Unique Clip Design allows each trim piece to be easily clipped into place.

T-Rail reveal: molding is clipped on to the grid.

Step 2

T-Rail reveal: molding is clipped on to the grid.

Rosette block joints

Step 3

step3Rosette block provides excellent joints at each intersection and yet allows the entire system to easily flex with changing environmental conditions.

Perimeter crown and pre-mitered corners

Step 4

Entire grid is covered with wood trim.

Step 5

Perimeter crown and pre-mitered corners finish off the perimeter of the room.

Perimeter crown and pre-mitered corners

Step 6

Coffered wood panel fits into opening and can be removed for access to the ceiling.

Step 7

Voila!! Your room now has the beauty and warmth of what appears to be an expensive, custom milled hardwood ceiling